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Dental Fluorosis

Published on:2018-3-23

    Dental fluorosis is a cosmetic condition that affects the teeth, usually bringing about teeth discoloration. It may come into being if a person is excessively exposed to fluoride during period of permanent teeth growth. The symptoms of dental fluorosis vary depending on its severity. Mild dental fluorosis is not easily detectable, while in moderate cases there are faint white lines or specks. In severe cases, there may be white mottled patches and pits that are highly noticeable. 


    Here is the categories being used to rate severity of dental fluorosis. 



    When it comes to treatments for fluorosis, there are several kinds, including tooth whitening, crowns and veneers. In some very mild cases, no treatment is needed. While in severe cases, especially when it has influenced front teeth, dental veneers can be sought to cover the stains. Once there are symptoms of dental fluorosis, get to your dentist and seek timely manner. 


    It is parents that play an important role in preventing fluorosis for children. Figure out how much fluoride your child has taken from daily diet and work with your dentist to decide whether your child need a fluoride supplement or not. In daily life, you’d better keep young children stay away from all fluoride-containing products such as toothpaste, mouth rinse, and supplements. If a child ingests a large amount of fluoride in a short period of time, it may cause symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.


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