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The Factors Affecting Life Span of Dental Implant

Published on:2019-11-15

Dental implant technology provides people a chance of owning new teeth, bring them back confident smile. As we all know, implant treatment is comparatively expensive and time consuming, it is important to extend service life of implant. Here we take a look at what factors affecting service life of implant.

1.Patient's use and maintenance condition. Oral hygiene is very important for dental implants. Brushing normally removes food debris of teeth surface but cannot properly clean all the plaque and tartars. Regular check-up and cleaning with dental facilities is necessary. According to the examination, dentists are able to give some suggestions and take some measures in time which can prolong service life of dental implants.

2.Teeth occlusion is continuously changing. Though this changing is subtle and imperceptible, occlusion directly or indirectly affects the coordination between the implants and natural teeth. In order to maintain the normal function of stomatognathic system, regularly adjustment by the dentists is required to fit the changing occlusion.

3.Just like a natural tooth, a dental implant is composed of several parts. A dental implant is bonding by screw and adhesive. Regular check-up for each part to make sure they work effectively is very important for the service life of implant.

The factors mentioned above reveal that regular check-up is extremely important and affecting service life of dental implant.