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The Procedures of Dental Implant

Published on:2019-11-15

Compared with denture, the implant has more similar biting function to natural teeth, thus implant is the best way to replace missing teeth. But what are the procedures of dental implants at Shenzhen AKJ Dental Implant Center? 

Step 1 Examination

Firstly, oral panoramic X-ray and CT of jawbone are taken to check the oral condition such as to check whether there is any inflammation or alveolar resorption. Then the dentist asks about the patient’s medical history. If necessary, blood routine, bleeding and clotting time, blood pressure, blood sugar, five indexes of hepatitis B and pulse should be examined. Surgery plan will be determined after all the examinations are finished which are suitable for implant. (Examination step takes about one hour.) 

Step 2 Dental Surgery

An incision is made over the crest of bone, splitting the thicker attached gingiva roughly in half so that the final implant will have a thick band of tissue around it. Then implant screw is placed and sutures the incision. The stitches could be taken out after one week. 

Step 3 Osseointegration

The osseointegration between the bone and the implant basement normally takes 2-3 months. Some would take more than a half year and it depends from person to person. 

Step 4 Temporary abutments placement

After the osseointegration, a temporary abutment is placed on the implant basement and tissues will grow.

Step 5

2-3 weeks later, tissues growing completed and the dentist replaces the temporary abutment by a permanent abutment.

Step 6

A dental crown is placed on the permanent abutment.

Step 7

Regular examination should be taken, like twice a year, after all the procedures are finished.

On the condition that the alveolar bone is sufficient, width and depth are adequate, the whole implant procedure takes about 2.5-3 months. If a tooth has lost for a long time which leads alveolar bone resorption, the whole implant procedure takes about 3-4 months and even longer. In conclusion, time span for the whole dental implant procedure is varying due to individual difference.