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Why is Dental Implant Expensive?

Published on:2016-12-30

Dental implant consists of three parts: crown, abutment and artificial dental root. Through medical method, an artificial dental root was implanted into alveolar bone and then the crown is placed on the root until the root and the alveolar bone osseointegrated. Compared with denture, dental implant is safer, healthier, more comfortable and long-lasting. Many people think that to have dental implant is too expensive while its cost is low. Then why implant is expensive? Please see the following aspects and you will know the reasons.

1.Technology cost.

Technology cost includes implant system and implant dentist professionalism. There are many implant systems with different prices. What’s more, implant surgery has high demand in dentist professionalism and experience. The high-class dentist you choose, the price is higher.

2.Material cost.

Many implants are made from pure titanium but there are other material implants in the market and different material has different price. 

3.Treatment time cost.

We all know that to have implant is time consuming for the patient has to see the dentist several times in the flowing few months. The time cost of implant treatment is high. However, there is immediate implant which means patients can have tooth extracted and then implanted in one time. This treatment save time for both the patient and the dentist but the price is higher.

4.Facilities usage cost.

Facility is also an influential point to the implant price. Implant treatment requires many advanced facilities including CT instrument, X-ray instrument and specialized dental chair. Advanced instrument can precisely examine the height, density and width of alveolar bone and secure surgery safety. However, these advanced facilities are very expensive and the hospital has to spend a lot of money to purchase them which make the implant treatment expensive.