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Daily Care after Implant Surgery

Published on:2016-12-29

The successful implant surgery means everything is OK that you can eat anything immediately as you like? No, no, no. Daily care is very important for recovery and the service life of implant. Then what should we do after the implant surgery? AKJ dental implant expert listed the following advices for your reference:

1.Bite firmly on a piece of gauze for 30 minutes. Cold compress on the face corresponding with the surgery position can ease the discomfort in the first 24 hours. If there is swelling, you are suggested to hot compress after 48 hours.

2.Try to swallow saliva in your mouth and do not rinse your mouth with strength. It is normal for there is a little bit blood mixed with saliva. You are suggested to brush but try to avoid the implant tooth. Take a good rest and eat some soft and light food.

3.Do not smoke for smoking has bad effect on the recovery of tissues and alveolar bone. Do not touch the wound with a finger or tongue as it may lead infection. Take some medicine as the dentist advised. Return visit to the dentist is very important to check the implant recovery.