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How much do American 3i dental implants cost?

Published on:2017-5-3

        Nowadays, there is no better option to restore missing teeth but to make dental implantation. More and more people want to know the cost of different implant treatments, especially the most popular American 3i dental implants. Today we would like to share with you American 3i dental implants cost and the factors related to it.



         How much do American 3i dental implants cost in Shenzhen?

         How much do American 3i dental implants cost in Shenzhen? Implant dentistry expert Lu Yonghui in Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatology Hospital commented, “ after years of Clinical practice, American 3i dental implants has became a mature Oral repair treatment. However, its price connected to many factors. So it would be confirmed after concretely analyses”.

        Implants cost includes the fee of implants, abutment restoration, porcelain crowns and the fee of surgery. On average, the implants cost for each tooth is several thousand, including all above mentioned fees. In other words, all these fees are being integrated in a tooth, people think that implanting a tooth will cost nearly ten thousand Yuan. It’s a acceptable for most of people. 

        American 3i dental implants has higher requirements on dentist and implants material. While there are differences between different hospitals in dentist and treatment technology. Therefore, dental implants fees in different hospitals are not the same. Patients could consult in advance before going to the hospital. It would not be late for patients to receive implant treatment after waiting for the hospital’s plan.

        Compared with other restoration treatments, implants has remarkable advantages. Implant dentistry expert Lu in Shenzhen A.K.J Stomatology Hospital commented, “in case only one tooth missed, compared with 3 porcelain teeth, implants cost for a tooth is not only not high, but also has no damage to the neighbor teeth, which is the biggest advantage of implants. 

          Who is suitable for American 3i dental implants?

         In general, American 3i dental implants requires the following conditions:

         1.Enough hight and enough width of alveolar bone located in missing teeth.

         2.No serious periodontitis and periodontal disease.

         3.Clearance between upper teeth and lower teeth when occlusion can’t be less than 0.5 cm.

         4.Patients without diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and blood coagulation dysfunction, etc.

         Tips: no matter which kind of implants you choose, chooing a professional stomatological hospital is most important because no matter on implants materials or treatment technology, professional hospital is more safety and reliable.