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The More Expensive the Artificial Teeth, the Better?

Published on:2017-5-12

           Many people think the more expensive, the better, and the artificial teeth is no exception. But, is that really true?

         The More Expensive the Artificial Teeth, the Better?

     Zhou Xiao Ming, medical director of Shenzhen A.K.J stomatological hospital, said that people can restore the missing teeth by removable artificial teeth, fixed artificial teeth and dental implants. Each kind of artificial teeth have its own property and characteristic.

Patients should choose artificial teeth according to their own oral situation and the reasonable suggestions put forward by dentist. The more expensive artificial teeth don't means the better treatment effect. The most suitable one is the best.

         1.Removable restoration

On the basic support of natural teeth and mucous membrane, clasp, artificial teeth, baseplate and connector are forming a restoration. Patients should picked the artificial teeth every day.


         2.Fixed bridge restoration

         On the basis of natural teeth beside the missing teeth, the artificial teeth are fixed on the butment through dental cement.

Patients couldn’t picked the artificial teeth themselves.


        3.Implant restoration

        Using artificial implants and implanting alveolar bone through treatment to obtain the stable support.


        Patients should select the most suitable treatment according to its own oral case in various restoration treatments. Especially when facing with complex situation, for example, dental defect and dentition defect are existing at the same time. Patients should go to the formal hospital to receive the comprehensive exam about oral cavity and to make a individual restoration plan. Experienced dentist will work out several feasible treatment plans. Each plans has its advantages and disadvantages. Patients should discuss with dentist as per their physical status, economic capability and timetable and select the most suitable plan.

        Zhou also emphasizes the fact that the most expensive is not the best. Each restoration technology has Indications and contraindications. For instance, patient with tight occlusion is not suitable for all-ceramic restoration. Instead, restoration material with higher strength such as metal material or porcelain fused to metal prostheses is recommended . For another example, patient with serious endocrine metabolic disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system or blood system, blood coagulation system obstacles is not suitable for the implant restoration. Patient with a serious shortage of bone mass in the implanted area, or vulnerable nerve and blood vessels around will take a higher risk during treatment.