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Signs Of Dental Caries

Published on:2017-11-29

Without doubt, dental caries is a common problem that troubles a lot of people. No matter what treatments it requires afterwards, dental filling or dental implant, it is certainly an unpleasant experience costing you time as well as energy. It would be much better to prevent it in advance. Then there comes the question. What are the signs of dental caries? As revealed by dentists from AKJ Dental, you need to pay close attention if your teeth have shown the following signs.  

1. Change in teeth morphology

It is quite easy to detect this kind of change. On the surface of the teeth with caries, it won’t be as smooth as that of a normal one, and there may even be tiny holes. Once the tiny holes are detected, you are supposed to see a dentist and fix them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the tiny holes will turn into some bigger ones and trouble you a great deal.

2. Teeth become more sensitive

Most people, especially the foodies, can feel a sensitive tooth. If a dental caries happens, your teeth will be very sensitive to sugary and acidic food. Cold and hot food will cause irritants to your teeth as well. Therefore, if you can shake the feeling of sensitivity and discomfort on your teeth during dinning process, you should be highly attentive.

3. Change in teeth color

When you are appreciating your perfect appearance in the mirror, you’d better give a glimpse to your teeth by the way, in order to find out whether there is a change in teeth color or not. More attention should be paid to the fits and fissures on occlusal surface and tooth gaps, which are susceptible to dental caries. If the color of fits and fissures turns into dark, there is a likeliness for a dental caries.

4. Change in cleanliness of the external surface

There are usually food debris and tartar clinging to teeth surface.Pigmentation which is hard to remove by daily brushing, also takes place. It means that the tooth texture starts to change, which serves as a prelude for dental caries.


If your teeth have shown signs mentioned above, you’d better come to see a dentist as soon as possible. The sooner you seek treatments, the better result you will get, and the less money you will pay.

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