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Cost of Removing Tobacco Stains

Published on:2018-4-30

    Continued smoking will not only generate yellow or black stains over teeth surface, but also aggravate dental problems like periodontitis. It’s recommended to schedule regular oral checkups, with a view to early detect potential problems and get them fixed in advance. Is dental cleaning able to remove such stains? How much will it cost?

    Generally speaking, tobacco stains belong to exogenous discoloration, which can be removed by dental cleaning. With the help of ultrasonic waves’ vibrations, dental cleaning serves to break calculus into pieces and remove them. However, ultrasonic cleaning alone, fails to get rid of some tiny calculus and pigments. To achieve a better result, it’s necessary to combine ultrasonic cleaning with sandblasting.

    When it comes to its cost, it’s quite affordable for most people. The combined treatment of ultrasonic cleaning and sandblasting usually costs around several hundred in Chinese currency. First of all, you should take a thorough checkup to confirm the severity of your tobacco stains and ask for an estimated result of cleaning. In severe cases, dental cleaning won’t be enough to well address your problems. You may need to conduct a laser bleaching procedure, costing about tens of hundreds. 

    Actually, there are a few techniques of dental whitening. Most importantly, you’re supposed to consult with your dentist first about which technique is right for your condition. 

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