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All-porcelain Crown Vs. Metal-porcelain Crown

Published on:2018-6-9

    A porcelain crown consists of two parts — inner part and outer part. The outer part is made of porcelain, while the inner part can be made of various materials. You can choose the right material according to your dental condition and personal preference. Here we are going to make a brief comparison between ziconia all-porcelain and metal-porcelain crown.

    Generally speaking, it’s an all-porcelain crown that should be recommended to restore an anterior tooth. With no mix with metal, all-porcelain crown has a nice a color close to that of a natural tooth. In terms of hardness and intensity, it also performs quite well. So it can also be applied for molar restoration. Compared with a metal-porcelain crown, an all-porcelain one will be more expensive, perhaps costing more than five thousand in Chinese currency. 

    As for a metal-porcelain crown — metal for inner and porcelain outer, it’s usually used for molars since it has high hardness and intensity. With a sound corrosion resistance, it tends to yield a long-lasting result. However, it performs quite poorly in aesthetics, mostly considered as an unfavourable choice for front teeth, except for those made of precious metal like palladium. When it comes to the price, a metal-porcelain crown costs roughly from one to three thousand. 

    After fully considering their prices and performances, you are supposed to choose a right one for yourself in line with both your financial condition and personal liking. Bear in mind that it’s of great significance to seek treatment from a professional dentist, with a purpose to gain a satisfactory result. 

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