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Is It Harmful to Redo Dental Veneers?

Published on:2018-8-12

    “If I have previously done dental veneers which fail to yield an ideal result, am I allowed to seek the procedure again? Will repeatedly undergoing veneers do harm to teeth? ”

     According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, a fallen out veneer without any damage can be cemented on the tooth again, but you will require a new one if there’s any damage of it.

    First of all, a thin tier of tooth enamel will be abraded away in order to hold the veneer in place. Next, there comes the step of picking the shade and taking an impression of your teeth, so as to produce the wafer-thin veneers that perfectly fit with your teeth in terms of contour and color. Finally, the veneers will be bonded over teeth surface with adhesives, marking the completion of the procedure. Though it seems quite simple, it actually needs close attention to both the color and contour of the veneers during the manufacturing process, in order to yield a desirable result and meet the requirement of patients.

    In addition, it’s advisable to seek the procedure from a professional dental hospital equipped with advanced instruments and experienced dentists, which plays an important role in the success of the procedure. 

    As is mentioned above, a layer of tooth enamel will be removed before bonding the veneers. However, there’s no need to worry a lot, since the amount of abraded enamel is really small and basically it won’t do great harm to your teeth. What you should do is to have it done by a skilful dentist and take good care of your veneers after the treatment. For instance, it’s necessary for you to develop a healthy dietary habit and avoid eating food that is too hard.  Relevant article: Dental Veneers

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