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Why Teeth Turn Yellow?

Published on:2018-10-2

    Even though you carry out brushing practices carefully on a daily basis, there is still a possibility that you end up with a set of yellow teeth. Undoubtedly that’s really upsetting. As we know, teeth brushing serves as a fundamental measure to maintain oral health. There are some substances attaching to teeth, however, which are resistant to brushing. 

    For instance, day-to-day brushing fails to get rid of tartar, a layer of hard yellow substance clinging to tooth surface. You have to seek a professional dental cleaning to remove it. Speaking of that, some may ask, “so what’s the point of brushing teeth every day?” 

    Certainly it is freighted with a significance. We know that food is necessary to keep us alive. As we dine, there will be production of food debris and bacteria inside our mouth which can be largely removed by brushing. As a result, we can reduce the formation of dental plaque and calculus. That’s why we have to practise teeth brushing, at least twice, every day. 

    Besides, extrinsic tooth discoloration caused by pigment accumulation, such as stains caused by long-term consumption of tobacco, coke, coffee, areca-nut and the like, is resistant to brushing practice. In general, professional dental cleaning works well to remove such stains. As for those having high requirement on tooth color, laser whitening procedure can be further sought after cleaning. 

    In cases where one gets inborn discolored teeth or suffers intrinsic discoloration like tetracycline pigmentation teeth or dental fluorosis, daily brushing and even professional cleaning would be helpless as well. Generally speaking, it’s dental veneers or crowns that are recommended in order to restore tooth color. Relevant article: Methods of Whitening Teeth

    In closing, there are various causes for yellow teeth and daily teeth brushing cannot guarantee you a set of white teeth. When they turn yellow, you may as well take an examination to nail down the sunderlying cause and thereby you are able to seek proper treatment accordingly. 

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