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Treat Dental Fluorosis without Harming Teeth

Published on:2018-10-15

    Dental fluorosis refers to a condition of tooth discoloration and enamel defect, caused by the excessive consumption of fluoride during tooth development. Mild conditions are demonstrated as white spots over tooth surface, while in severe cases the teeth will appear brownish yellow and even superficially uneven. 

    No doubt, dental fluorosis is set to take a toll on dental aesthetics and personal charm. It’s suggested to take a thorough check-up and seek proper treatment in time to fix the problem. 

    Nowadays, there are various ways available for dealing with dental fluorosis. 

    In very mild cases, a simple operation of slightly grinding enamel can be applied to adjust the shape but not the color. Or laser bleaching can be sought to whiten the teeth, but it fails to change the shape. 

    As for moderate dental fluorosis, dental veneers made of resin or porcelain will be proper to restore it. Resin veneers will see a quicker fabrication and are quite affordable. By comparison, porcelain veneers, enjoying a more aesthetic result and long-term stability, are more expensive. 

    When it comes to severe cases, it’s dental crown that will be required. It will be placed over tooth following the abrasion of enamel, helping to change both the tooth shape and color. Among all the restorative ways, crown wearing is the one that requires abrading the largest amount of enamel. Relevant article: Can Cleaning Fix Dental Fluorosis?

    First of all, a thorough check-up should be run to figure out the severity of your case. Based on the result, laser whitening, veneers or crowns can be sought accordingly. Generally speaking, the less harmful way like whitening and veneers will be first considered if the conditions are not that severe. After all, the process of enamel abrading is irreversible. In terms of dental work, the fittest way will be the best one. 

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