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Can Cleaning Fix Dental Fluorosis?

Published on:2018-8-22

    There will be yellow spots on the tooth surface of those who are suffering from dental fluorosis. What’s worse, daily brushing practices won’t be able to remove such stains. Therefore, many people may wonder whether professional cleaning can be applied to fix the problem or not. 

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, cleaning serves to get rid of extrinsic tooth discoloration such as tobacco and coffee stains.

    While dental fluorosis is caused by the consumption of excessive fluorine during teeth development. It’s not a kind of extrinsic discoloration but an intrinsic one. Dental cleaning can only remove superficial stains but not internal discoloration. Therefore, it can hardly work to ameliorate dental fluorosis. Under such circumstance, it is some professional teeth whitening procedures that should be sought to achieve an apparent improvement.

    Nowadays, there are a few methods available for treating dental fluorosis, among them the most effective one is dental veneer. It refers to removing a thin layer of tooth enamel and bonding a fitted wafer-thin shell on the surface. The customized veneers are designed to both cover the discolored tooth tissues and restore the normal tooth contour, considered as a desirable way to restore yellow teeth caused by dental fluorosis. In mild cases, you can also attempt to seek laser bleaching for restoration, while in severe cases crown restoration may be required.  Relevant article: Dental Fluorosis

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