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Is cleaning to blame for tooth loosening and larger gaps?

Published on:2019-2-26

    Some people complain that their gaps between teeth become larger and teeth are loose following a cleaning procedure. Such symptoms make them convince that it’s absolutely a wrong call to seek a dental cleaning. But is that really the case? Should cleaning be to blame for tooth loosening and larger gaps?

    The following are some commonly seen misunderstandings about cleaning. Have you heard them before?

    1.Cleaning is set to damage tooth enamel?

    As is said to be the hardest tissue of human body, enamel is the outer layer of a tooth, serving to protect the inside dentine and pulp. Dental cleaning is performed to remove plaque and calculus attached to teeth surface without doing harm to enamel. 

    2.Cleaning will whiten teeth?

    There is no guarantee that cleaning will make your teeth appear whiter. It can get rid of accumulative stains on teeth, like those caused by the consumption of tobacco, tea and heavily colored foods, and reveal the natural color of teeth. In cases of severe tartar and extrinsic discoloration, patients indeed can see a great improvement in teeth color after cleaning. That being said, if the original tooth color of patients is not white, then cleaning can hardly whiten them as well.

    3.Teeth will become thinner and more sensitive after undergoing a cleaning?

    Many people may find their teeth weak and extremely sensitive to hot or cold irritations after teeth cleaning, so they develop a doubt that the procedure is the culprit for their tooth sensitivity. In fact, it’s just a normal post-cleaning reaction. In a way, the plaque and calculus block your teeth from feeling the real temperature of foods before. When they are removed, your teeth are able to contact with foods directly. That’s why the feelings are stronger. In general, the symptoms will gradually disappear within a few days. 

    4.Cleaning enlarges gaps between teeth?

    Dental calculus, not cleaning, is the culprit of gum recession and larger gaps. For one thing, the gaps are stuck with tartar previously and cleaning just clear them away. For another, there may be swollen gums before, which see mitigation after cleaning. In both cases gaps will appear larger after cleaning. However, it’s just their original size. 

    5.Cleaning will lead to tooth loosening?

    Some consider tooth loosening as a side effect of cleaning. The fact is that teeth themselves are already loose because of periodontitis. With a large amount of tartar around them, there is a fake stability. What cleaning does is to remove tartar and reveal the real state of teeth.

    Without dental cleaning, periodontitis will get deteriorated as tartar continues to accumulate. Over time, there will be symptom of gum swelling and pain, tooth loosening and shifting, and even tooth shedding.

    6.The more frequent you seek cleaning, the better?

    It would be enough to professionally clean teeth once a year for those with good oral hygiene. While for those with poor oral hygiene, the interval may be shorten to half a year. When it comes to those suffering from periodontal disease, it helps to get it under control if they seek cleaning every three months. Certainly, it would be better to consult with a periodontist and get a customized advice.

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