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Proper interval between two extractions?

Published on:2019-2-28

    As is known, staged procedures are required in terms of removing all wisdom teeth. One or two on the same side can be extracted during one visit. After undergoing an extraction, how long would it be appropriate to perform another one?

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, it varies from person to person depending on their actual post-operative recovery.

    Tooth extraction will leave a hole known as extraction socket. Right after the surgery, it’s no strange that the wound will ooze blood. Generally speaking, patients need to bite a gauze for about thirty minutes to stop bleeding. Besides, brushing and rinsing are not permitted in the first 24 hours in order not to disturb the blood clot. As peripheral tissue grows, the wound will gradually heal. 

    If two extraction appointments are too close, it may risk dislodging the blood clot and causing postoperative infection. That’s why dentists won’t suggest that patients conduct another removal surgery one or two weeks after the first one.

    Nonetheless, specific cases require specific treatments. For instance, invigorated young people may see a sound recovery within about a week. While for the elderly, it may take longer time for the wound to heal.

    In fact, there isn’t a specific time period required between two extraction procedures. Patients are allowed to schedule their second visit for another tooth removal at any times when they are available, as long as they have seen full recovery from the first surgery. They may carry it out one or three months, or even a year later.

    It would be advisable to follow instructions of your dentist and pick a right time. Small as it is, tooth extraction is a surgery as well. Moreover, the operation of removing wisdom tooth is actually rather complicated. Adequate time must be left for a better recovery. As for why you can’t remove wisdom teeth on both sides during one visit, that’s because it may lead to trouble in dinning practices on a daily basis.

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