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Why do dentists ask us to go for regular tooth scaling?

Published on:2019-3-15

I’m wondering what you think of regular tooth scaling (cleaning). Do you think it is unnecessary? Since our teeth look very clean (except for longtime smokers), and we brush them every day. Why should we go for dental scaling? I believe most of you will think that way. But are our teeth really clean? Why do dentists always recommend us to go for regular tooth scaling? Are they just doing for some extra money? Let's take a look.

Tooth scaling is a procedure mainly used to remove the plaque and calculus on the teeth. After scaling, the teeth will get rid of such “burdens”, and restore original milk white color, smooth and healthy.

However, if there are too many plaques and materia alba, it will be more difficult to clean, and may cause bloody gums – which is normal. The teeth after scaling will be sensitive when the exposed surface losing the "protection" of the calculus directly contact hot and cold food, just like you may shiver when taking off thick clothes and exposing yourself to the cold air in the winter. It is a normal body reaction, and the sensitivity will disappear after a certain period of time.

For those who haven’t gone for scaling for a dozen or twenty years, their teeth must have been surrounded by calculus which accumulated between the teeth and beneath the gums. In such case, scaling will not only lead to bloody gums, but also enlarged crevice between the teeth and looseness of the teeth. This is because the calculus deposits between the teeth and gums have caused a significant recession of the gums, and once they are washed away, the teeth lose the support of the tartar, plus there are not enough gums to protect, thus they become loose.

Some people may say, "I could never agree to do tooth scaling. I know all these common sense, but my teeth need the support of the dental calculus."

However, will your teeth remain steady all the time without scaling? Of course not. If you have a serious tartar problem, you must go for scaling to save your teeth. If you ignore it, the gums will be severely damaged, leading to severe periodontitis, by then the teeth will fall off even though you are still young.

In general, if there is a slight loosening of the teeth, it will heal automatically after scaling. Scaling can stop tartar to damage the gums, and the gums with no threats will gradually restore health and re-connect to the teeth, then the teeth will become stable and firm. If severe tooth loosening occurs, it indicates the patient may have severe gingivitis or periodontitis which requires further treatment to restore the health of the teeth and gums.

Most dental problems, like tooth decay, bad breath, periodontitis, etc., can be attributed to tartar and plaque. Tooth scaling is the nemesis of both. If you go for regular dental scaling, then the diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis will keep away from you.

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