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Home Remedies for Toothache Relief

Published on:2019-11-27

Most of us have experienced toothache. It is painful and unbearable. People with frequent toothache must be cautious, as it may a sign of disease.


Below are some effective home remedies to relieve tooth pain:


1. Place a hot (cold) towel on the cheek to relieve toothache. Drinking hot soup or hot tea also have pain-relieving effect. If your teeth are heat or cold sensitive, you can drink some warm tea, cocoa or lemonade.


2. Gargle with warm salty water, or hold the salty water in the mouth for a while then spit it out. This can accelerate the saliva flow, relieve severe tooth pain fast.


3. Brush your teeth regularly even though it hurts. Poor oral hygiene is one of the main causes of dental caries and toothache. Some people don't brush their teeth when they have a toothache. This will actually make things worse. Don’t move your toothbrush too fast or brush for too long time – two minutes is enough.


4. Bite down on a tea bag. Black tea or green tea contains tannin which not only helps to reduce swelling, but also accelerate blood clotting and wound healing. Put the teabag into water and warm it in a microwave oven for 30 seconds till it gets warm. Squeeze the excess water in the teabag, and then bite the teabag in the toothache area.


5. Do not eat raw vegetables, instead eat mashed potatoes. Do not consume too much sugary or spicy food when you have a toothache. Moreover, avoid foods that need chewing, like fruits and vegetables. Liquid and soft food like Mashed potatoes, well-boiled noodles, soft rice, etc., is the best choice for patients with toothache, but don’t consume them when they are too hot or too cold.


6. Change toothpaste regularly. Using the same toothpaste for a long time can get the oral bacteria "adapted" to the toothpaste. Therefore, people who are prone to toothache should change their toothpaste every few months.