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Can a chipped incisor be restored? How much?

Published on:2019-11-27

How to restore a chipped incisor? There are various types of restorations, though, only the one selected based on the tooth condition can bring about good outcome.

Missing a small part of the incisor is not uncommon. But can it be restored? How? This is what everyone concerns. According to the dentists at Shenzhen AKJ Dental Hospital, it depends on the location and size of the defect.

Below are two commonly seen cases of chipped incisor:

1. Trauma: the treatment plan should be determined according to the size and location of the defect, as well as the patient's aesthetic needs.

① A tiny chip: it does not impact the patient’s appearance and daily use, so it can either be left untreated and kept under observation, or be fixed promptly.

② A small chip: it can be directly restored with resin-based filling materials, that is, dental filling. However, when it comes to incisor filling, patient often has higher requirements for aesthetics.

③ A large chip: considering the higher aesthetic requirements of the patient, such restorations as porcelain veneers, full crown ( think carefully since it involves the grinding of the tooth) may be considered, as they can better restore the shape and appearance of the incisor.

2. Dental caries: in this case, patient should go to the hospital for tooth filling as soon as possible. The doctor will remove the decayed tissues and fill the cavity with resin composite. Tooth filling is convenient and fast. However, due to the nature of the material, there will possibly be gaps between the filling and the tooth, and the material will be aging by time, which will impact the appearance.

In summary, whether the chip is caused by trauma or dental caries, it is necessary to restore it according to the real situation.

How much does it cost to fill a chipped incisor?

According to the dentist, it depends on the restoration method. Small chip that does not impair the tooth nerves can be restored with a resin filling. It is economical, costing only a few hundred or thousand yuan. If the patient has higher aesthetic requirements, and no dental nerves are damaged, porcelain veneers are good choice. The cost varies depending on the material, generally from two or three thousand yuan to three or four thousand yuan.

Large chip with damaged nerves can not be restored directly. Tooth root should be treated first before a full crown or a post and core crown is put on. The full crown restoration with very good aesthetic result costs more than three or four thousand yuan, including the price of the crown, while the post and core crown may cost a few thousand yuan, after covering the material fee of the post and core.