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Fixing Gaps Between Teeth

Published on:2019-12-4

Can teeth gaps be closed naturally? Many patients have such an idea that the enlarged teeth gaps can be closed on their own. In fact, that is not always true. So many patients searched online for gap-closing hacks.


Gapped teeth can impact a person’s appearance. Though it can be fixed by such methods as porcelain veneers, teeth correction, etc, these methods are too professional. Is there any easy hacks to close the gaps?


According to the dentists at Shenzhen AKJ Dental Hospital, in the process of gap closing, the first step is to confirm the cause reason and then resort to the proper treatment suiting the case. Teeth gaps can be caused by various factors including proximal surface caries, periodontal disease, sparse teeth, missing teeth or congenital hypodontia, etc. The treatment method varies case by case.


For example, small teeth gaps can be fixed with veneers if there’s no other symptoms.


Large gaps caused by proximal surface caries or periodontal disease should be fixed after treatment of the disease.


Sparse teeth with large tooth spacing can be corrected by orthodontic treatment, that is, by wearing braces. These are the relatively healthy and safe methods of treatment for teeth gapping.


Of course, some teeth gaps can be closed naturally on their own. For example, the gaps forming after the removal of plaque and tartar by tooth cleaning, can be left alone, and they will be closed naturally within one week.


Therefore, stop looking around for easy hacks to close teeth gaps. If you expect a good result, you’d better seek a professional treatment. And if possible, close the teeth gaps through orthodontic treatment, since this can save you more time, ensure you long-lasting treatment result, and bring no harm to your natural teeth. Moreover, the payment can be made in installment.