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what is orthodontics?

Through a variety of orthotic devices to adjust facial bone, teeth and facial nerve muscles to balance and bring the beauty smile you’ve always wanted. Adjustments between the upper and lower jaw and the teeth. Reduce abnormal correlation between the mandible and the teeth. The purpose of dental orthodontics is to improve on align teeth, facial appearance, improve masticatory, enhance appearance, oral health and stability.

The four big technology of orthodontics

Lingual Invisible BracesLingual invisible braces use CAD/CAM technology which allow the custom made braces to bond behind the teeth. Using the most advanced digital light processing system from Germany to assemble the braces. The device is then attached to the back of the teeth placed between the tongue and the teeth. Thus, during the alignment the device is hidden and it will avoid the loss of calcium on the tooth. During the mid 70’s, Japan and the US started using lingual braces, through deeper technological research, the level of comfort and result from lingual braces has dramatically increased. As a result, it has become one of most widely used braces around the world. Unique Advantages: great choice for most patients, completely hidden, great comfort, convenient, stain resistant.
Gold plated or ceramic self-ligating Braces During the treatment of the self-ligating braces, an adhesive is applied to the surface of the teeth, a gold plated or ceramic dental bracket is then applied to the surface of the teeth. After, a bracket wire is securely attached to the bracket which allows the orthodontist to begin the teeth alignment treatment. Unique Advantages: Compared to traditional orthodontic techniques, self-ligating braces consist of a locking device. This feature eliminates the need of the traditional wire or rubber band ligation orthodontic wire bundle. Hence shortening overall treatment time, reduces the friction between the wire and brackets, increases comfort and dental hygiene.
Invisible BracesInvisible Braces Treatment is a leading technology in the orthodontics field. This technique has developed from the traditional malocclusion treatment philosophy. Since the development, the use of three-dimensional computer, personalized design and digital prototyping technology, three-dimensional laser guided technology has changed the course of traditional orthodontics. Unique Advantages: Current invisible braces treatment allows patient to enjoy a care free, relaxing and comfortable treatment and fulfills the specific requirements from different patients.
Mini Ceramic BracesMini ceramic brackets braces is a commonly used device global wide. The bracket uses alumina ceramic which leads to high transparency and better fitment. The transparent bracket also provides stronger bonding with the teeth, highly stain resistant and it’s nine times stronger than stainless steel. The strength of the ceramic will significantly reduce the number of visits to the clinic. Unique Advantages: enhance appearance, solid bracket, helps device cable slide freely, improves treatment results. Quality design dental bracket increases comfort and reduces stress on certain parts of the mouth.

Dental implant surgery Technological process

  • Affect the beautiful face

  • Inferiority complex, the impact of mental health

  • Decline in the function of chewing

  • Will also affect the pronunciation

  • Brush your teeth is not clean

service Orthodontics problems

  • QUnder what conditions are suitable for orthodontic treatment?

    A Patients over 12 years old without periodontitis are suitable for orthodontics treatment. If patients have periodontitis, it is not suitable for the orthodontics unless recovery.

  • QHow long does it take for orthodontic treatment?

    A Generally speaking, orthodontics treatment takes around 12 to 18 months and some complicated cases last 24 months. It depends on the teeth condition and which orthodontics technology you choose. After the tooth socket is taken out, the orthodontic retainer should be taken for maintenance and check-up with dentist regularly .