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How is a dental bridge made fitted?

Published on:2019-12-5

Dental bridge, unlike dental implant which is composed of an artificial tooth root placed in the alveolar bone and a crown seated on it, is anchored to the trimmed teeth on either side of the gap. Usually it is not recommended for the restoration of one missing tooth.


How is dental bridge made and installed?


Patients who don’t want to get dental implant or removable denture after the tooth falls off, may choose dental bridge. But do you know how dental bridge is made and installed? What are its pros and cons?


1. When one of your teeth is lost, you must first make sure you are candidate for dental bridge.


2. After confirmation, you go to the dental hospital for dental check-up, X-ray examination and tooth preparation (tooth trimming). Please note: the neighboring teeth (on either side) of the missing tooth will be shaped for the bridge to be fitted.


3. The dentist will take a shade and an impression of your teeth, record the data, and then send them to the lab for bridge production.


4. Temporary crowns will be made on the same day to fit on the trimmed teeth for esthetic purposes.


5. Second visit is paid one or two weeks later for the placement of the three unit bridge and occlusion adjustment.


6. Procedure is completed.


Dental bridge is also known as fixed bridge, as it is fixed to the adjacent anchoring teeth, unable to be removed by the patient.


Pros and Cons of Dental Bridge


Compared with removable denture, dental bridge is held in place after being cemented on the abutment teeth, and the crowns are custom-made with natural contour and matching color.


However, it imposes a negative effect on the future retoration, since the two healthy adjacent teeth are abraded, and they will look unsightly once the crowns are taken off. Moreover, the abutment teeth are more prone to dental decay and toothache over time.


In addition, dental bridge is used to restore one missing tooth, but involves three connected crowns. Any one of the crown goes wrong, the whole unit must be removed. Also, the cost is charged on the basis of three crowns, almost the same as a dental implant which requires no shaving of the adjacent teeth, and works longer.


Therefore, if you have a missing tooth to be replaced, don’t always take dental bridge as your first choice. It is better to consult a dentist to see if there is any better solution.