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My dental crown is yellowing, how to whiten it?

Published on:2019-12-5

It’s hard to see a dental crown to be discolored. If you notice the color of your artificial crown has changed, being distinct from other teeth, you may need to consider whether it is necessary to visit the dentist and have it fixed.


Left: All-ceramic Crown       Right: Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crown

Whitening toothpaste doesn’t work for a discolored dental crown. Then how to do? The answer is, finding out the cause reason, and seeking a targeted solution, like when you’re dealing with the discoloration of the natural teeth.


How to whiten a yellowish dental crown?


The first thing is to find out the reason why the crown is yellowing:


1. Is it a result of plaque or tartar buildup due to poor oral hygiene? If yes, that means you have failed to do a routine dental cleaning, and to pay regular visit to the dentist. In this case, you’re suggested to visit the dentist to have the plaque and tartar removed, and develop a good habit of brushing teeth.


2. Is it caused by pigmentation on the surface of the crown because of too much coffee, tea and wine? If so, the pigment can be removed via sandblasting. You’re also suggested to limit the consumption of dark-colored foods, and stop smoking and drinking.


3. Is the crown material the culprit? Traditional metal crown is more likely to be discolored after a long-term use. When this happens, you may need to go through a dental examination to see if the crown is still usable. Metal crown that cannot blend in with your other teeth and degrades the esthetics needs to be replaced by all-ceramic crown.


The common reasons and treatment methods of discolored dental crown are listed above. If you are unable to tell the exact cause by yourself, you can turn to the dentist for help.