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How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

Published on:2019-7-18

How many times does it take for a root canal treatment to be successful? For patients who have been through numerous root canal treatments it's probably the most frustrating question. Root canal treatment is complicated and takes several visits to a dentist or endodontist before the treatment is carried out.


Root canal treatment is complex and the treatment requires the nerves to be removed from the pulp of the tooth. If the first treatment is not successful this can result in recurrent infections. 



How many times is medication applied during root canal treatment?


How many times medication is applied will depend on the patient's situation. A dentist or endodontist may apply medication to the pulp chamber or the root canal to help clear any lingering infection they may have missed. In some cases applying medication once is enough but for some patients the infection might be more serious so applying medication several times to eliminate the infection. Once the infection is cleared a x-ray will be taken and the next part of the treatment is filling the root canals.


Root Canal Treatment Procedures


A complete root canal treatment will consist of the following procedures:


  • Making an opening in the crown to access the

  • Remove the infected or diseased pulp.

  • Clean and flush out the pulp chamber and root canals.

  • Once the tooth has been treated, it will be refilled to restore its structural integrity. A crown may also be applied to improve the survival rate of the tooth.


If applying medication does not completely clear the infection then antibiotics will be prescribed to clear up the infection, which can lower the chances of infections recurring and apical periodontitis.