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The Cost of Nanocomposite Fillings

Published on:2019-8-8

What's the difference between nanocomposite and ordinary composite resin, which is better? When speaking of composite resin most people know that there are different types and come in at different prices. For example nanocomposite, ordinary composite and SonicFill.


Nanocomposite is Better than Ordinary Composite?

In terms of materials, nanocomposite offers the best performance in comparison to ordinary composite. The main reason is that nanocomposite offers a good adhesive formula which means that its strong and durable and offers a natural finish which matches the shade of natural teeth.


So does that mean that nanocomposite is better than ordinary composite? This is not always the case, other factors that need to be considered is the skills and techniques of the dentist and the location of the damaged tooth. In most cases if the dentist has good techniques and skills using a ordinary composite can also give very good results. In more specific cases the use of nanocomposite is considered better.  


How Much is Nancomposite Fillings?

Nanocomposite filling costs are based on how many teeth that require fillings. Therefore, the more teeth that require fillings the more expensive. In comparison to ordinary composite fillings, extra durable nanocomposite fillings can start at a price of 800 Yuan per tooth.


Of course, prices will differ in different dental clinics, with some costing only 100 Yuan. However, we recommend that you visit a professional dentist and clinic for treatment as cheap fillings may not last and can also fall out meaning that you would have to fillings done again.