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Pain Associated With Interproximal Reduction 

Published on:2019-8-7

Interproximal reduction is generally used to create space between teeth and prevent extraction of teeth for orthodontic treatment. The thought of interproximal reduction is quite nerve wracking, however it is just shaving a small amount of enamel from between the teeth. Though after the procedure some patients have expressed that they feel discomfort and tooth sensitivity, is this related to interproximal reduction?


The shaving of the enamel is restricted to the surface of the enamel layer, there are no nerves present on the enamel layer, therefore patients should not feel any pain during the interproximal reduction, general anesthetic is not required. In most cases, interproximal reduction is limited to 0.2mm – 0.5mm which is considered safe and will not do any harm to the teeth.  


Feeling Pain After Interproximal Reduction is Normal?

Interproximal reduction only involves removing enamel from the enamel layer and there is still quite a distance from the dentin. But you may still feel sensitivity to hot or cold and also some pain this is all considered normal. If you feel these symptoms on the long term then you need to make an appointment with your dentist.


A lot of patients ask if the pain is due to removing too much enamel and has caused damage to the dentin. The answer is this is not always the case as it’s only the surface enamel which has been removed and will not have got as deep to the dentin. There is also no need to file down to the dentin and usually after a interproximal reduction a scale and polish is done to make the teeth smoother and resistant to cavities.

Other things to look out for after interproximal reduction is bleeding gums, infection, swelling and bleeding, these are all considered normal. This means gum are not health and it require attention and treatment. Another issue to take into account is that interproximal reduction is only suitable for teeth that are slightly overcrowded, if teeth are very overcrowded then teeth will have to be extracted.