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Which Type of Dental Crown is Best?

Published on:2019-8-12

What’s the difference between porcelain dental crowns and porcelain fused metal crowns? Generally speaking in terms of aesthetics porcelain crowns are more natural as it does not contain any metals so it provides the most natural look.


A dental implant is the closest to a real tooth substitute and is made of several components. One complete dental implant has artificial root, abutment and the crown and the majority of dental implant costs include the components mentioned. However, the difference in price is down to difference in materials used for the dental implant.


The prices of implant vary due to different brands and each brand has its unique craftsmanship and choice of materials. As for the crown it usually comes with the implant and there is a choice of a porcelain fused metal crown or porcelain crown.


Difference Between Porcelain Fused to Metal & Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain fused to metal crowns is where the inner layer is made of metal and the outer material is porcelain. Once fitted the crown looks like a natural tooth, however under a bright light, the underlying metal will have a dark shadow and over a period of time a dark line may be visible especially along the gum line as the gum recedes. 


As for all porcelain crowns, the whole crown is made of porcelain and does not contain any metals and is the most natural looking. However, if the implant you have chosen is paired with porcelain fused to metal crown then you will have to pay extra to change for an all porcelain crown.