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How Much is Professional Dental Whitening Treatment?

Published on:2019-8-13

Has your confidence been affected by your teeth? Especially when you see that others have a bright white smile? Want to get your teeth whitened professionally but afraid of the price tag that comes along with the treatment? Here's a quick guide to professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is becoming one of the most sought after procedures at dental clinics and in today's world of glamour everyone wants to look good. White teeth goes with any lipstick from the glamour of red to the fun barbie pink. However, how much does a professional whitening treatment cost?


Firstly, there are different types of dental whitening treatment and therefore there are different prices. For example cold-light whitening can cost 2,000 Yuan for one treatment, veneers have starting costs at approximately 1,000 Yuan and dental crowns are the most expensive with prices ranging from 4,000 Yuan to over 10,000 Yuan.


For those who are worried about the costs of dental whitening treatment there is no need to worry, before any treatment can be carried out you will first have to get a check-up done by a dentist. Once the dentist has identified the type of staining on the teeth which can be any of the following: smoking stains, tea stains, tetracycline or fluorosis. There is also the need to consider if there is any damage to the tooth and in doing so the whitening treatment plan can be devised. 


You can research on the type of whitening treatment before you visit a dentist and during your consultation with a dentist you can directly inquire about costs.