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Getting a Filling or Removing the Dental Pulp

Published on:2019-9-20

Does removing the dental pulp mean that the tooth can no longer be restored? The only way to restore a tooth is to get a filling? Which is better? Both methods are used to treat cavities, however which method of treatment is chosen by the dentist will depend on the situation with your tooth.


When patients hear that the dental pulp needs to be removed they often ask if it’s better than getting just a filling. Both removing a dental pulp and getting a filling are ways to treat cavities, the only difference is one method is more simple and the other is more complicated.  


Which method is better?

Generally speaking a filling is where the decayed tissues are removed and then the cavity is filled with materials to restore the tooth. This method is used the most and is simple and most clinics and dentist can carry out the procedure.


The dental pulp needs to be removed when the cavity has gotten so serious that it has already infected the pulp or nerve of the tooth. In such cases the dental pulp and nerve needs to be removed if not the pain will become worse. Once the dental pulp and nerves have been removed the pain will subside. The dentist will then carry out root canal therapy to remove the infected tissues then fill the tooth.


Although both methods are similar in a lot of ways, the choice of method will depend on how serious the cavity is and the dentist will need to do an examination before they can determine which method is most beneficial.