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How Much Does Treatment For Periodontitis Cost?

Published on:2019-12-4

Periodontal disease is one of the most difficult to treat not because treatment is complicated but it's very hard to maintain the treatment results. Let's take a look at the possible methods of treating periodontal diseases and the costs.


Treatment of periodontitis is usually made up of 4 stages:


First Stage: Basic treatment involves scaling above and below the gums to remove dental calculus build up and plaque which aggravates the gums. After scaling the inflammation of the gums can be alleviated.


Second Stage: Surgical treatment is carried out after basic treatment and is used when dental pockets are deep and there is a loss of bone and tissues. Through surgery the infected tissues are removed with the use of flap surgery and crown extension.


Third Stage: After the previous stages of treatment the third stage of treatment is to repair teeth. Those with loose teeth, shifting teeth and missing teeth will need  repair treatment done to prevent periodontitis escalating.  


Fourth Stage: The fourth stage is all about maintenance, patients will need to take extra care with dental hygiene after treatment and return to the clinic for regular check-ups to keep periodontitis under control.


Costs of Treatment

The costs of treatment is not based entirely on the severity of periodontitis but will vary for different cases. For example some patients may require tooth extractions, bite adjustment or even surgery which of course will incur further costs.


Mild Periodontitis Treatment: 4,000 RMB – 5,000 RMB

Moderate Periodontitis Treatment: 5,000 RMB – 8,000 RMB

Severe Periodontitis Treatment: 8,000 RMB – 10,000 RMB