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Imported Composite Filling Materials

Published on:2019-11-7

Although dental fillings are considered a simple procedure, a major consideration is the materials used for the filling. If the materials used are not of good quality this will directly affect the overall results. Before a filling is carried out a dentist will provide different options for the choice of materials. Dentists will usually offer domestic composite material and imported materials. So does this mean that imported brands are much better than domestic brands?


1. Most patients just want the tooth to be treated and are not too focused on whether the composite materials used are from a domestic brand or imported brand. However, with a range of options it’s important that you know which type of material is best suited for your needs.  


2. There is now a greater demand for imported composite filling materials, with greater durability and better aesthetic results the popularity of imported brands are becoming more noticeable.


3. Whether you choose imported materials or domestic materials you should listen to the advice given by your dentist.


Overall when it comes down to choosing which type of composite filling is best the dentist will advise accordingly. There is a difference between domestic brands and imported brands but patients should also pay extra care to maintaining teeth after a filling as preventive measures are vital for the filling to last.