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Should You Get Veneers or Braces to Fix Gaps in Teeth?

Published on:2019-12-4

For gaps between teeth is it better to get braces or veneers? A dentist will advise which option is better depending on the size of the gaps. For small gaps then veneers are suitable, for larger gaps then braces would be a better option.


The most commonly used methods for closing gaps between teeth are braces and veneers. However, in terms of costs and time scale then patients need to think it through before making the decision.


1. Braces to Fix Gaps in Teeth

Advantages: There is no need to remove enamel and will not damage the teeth. Braces will maintain the outer appearance of the teeth but will shift the teeth into the right positions. If the teeth are also overcrowded then braces will also sort out the problem.


Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage with braces is that it will take at least a year for the treatment to close gaps between the teeth. Also braces can’t change the overall outer appearance of teeth. Getting braces is also much more expensive.


2. Veneers to Fix Gaps in Teeth

Advantages: Veneers can be fitted and completed in 1 to 2 weeks. The results are instant which is suitable for patients who want an instant solution. Veneers can improve the overall outer appearance of teeth as it cover the surface of the natural teeth.


Disadvantages: For veneers a layer of enamel will have to be removed from the surface of the tooth. After veneers are fitted patients will have to take extra care with oral hygiene and avoiding hard foods as this can damage the veneer. For gaps between teeth which are over 2mm then veneers are not suitable.