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Dental Fillings Vs Dental Inlays

Published on:2019-12-19

Is a dental inlay better than a ordinary dental filling? What’s the difference between a filling and inlay? In most cases where there is a cavity a filling used as the common dental restoration where the cavity is drilled out and filled with filling material. However, how does a dental filling compare with a dental inlay?


1.   A dental filling is a rather simple procedure and is still the most popular choice for most patients when it comes to restoring a tooth. Dental inlays is set to become a popular trend in the future.


2.   In terms of costs a dental filling is much more cost effective with a filling for one tooth only costs a few hundred RMB. In comparison to a dental inlay where costs start at over 1,000 RMB and depending on different materials is even more expensive.


3.  A dental filling uses a composite resin mixture which is used to fill the cavity and is then cured by a light to set. Whereas a inlay is a premolded filling fitted to the area which requires restoration.


4.  If a patient takes care of the teeth very well after a filling or inlay the results can last for a period of time. But with composite fillings the material can chip whereas a inlay can be more durable.  


As with all forms of dental restorations no method can match that of your own natural teeth. Like all other forms of restorations a dental inlay also has it’s disadvantages for example the difference in materials such as porcelain, gold, or composite resin. Some materials are durable but not aesthetically pleasing and vice versa. Also depending on materials will results in the overall costs and sometimes costs can reach 4,000 RMB to 5,000 RMB.


At professional clinic dental inlays do come with a repair guarantee so there is no need to worry. Therefore, whether you choose a dental filling or dental inlay it’s best to see a professional dentist for advice.