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Composite Fillings & Restoration For Front Teeth

Published on:2019-12-24

Composite materials are a popular choice for clients as they match the color of natural teeth and is aesthetically pleasing. So is composite material a good choice for fillings and restorations on the front teeth? Generally speaking composite materials can be used for small areas of damage to teeth such as fillings and can provide very good results.

Below are the top reasons which composite materials are popular:


1. Costs: Normal composite filling costs between over 300 RMB to 400 RMB per tooth and is cheaper than inlays.


2. Natural Color: Different brands of composite materials offer a range of colors and shade. Depending on the different area that require fillings there is a color to match the area. Therefore, this means that the restoration is natural looking.


3. Convenience of Composite Materials: Compared to inlays which require molds to be taken and sent to be made, composite fillings are quick and easy to carry out. The composite mixture is put into the cavity and is then cured by a light and is set. For small composite fillings it takes only approximately 30 minutes to complete.


However, there are certain scenarios where composite fillings is not a suitable option and this is when a professional dentist’s advice is vital.


1. When a gap between the teeth is too wide or when a cavity surface is too large then composite materials are not a good option as it will become loose more easily.


2. Using composite materials for fillings and restorations will depend on the dentist’s skills and techniques. Therefore, it’s important to see a professional dental clinic and dentist to carry out the procedure.