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Side Effects of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Published on:2019-12-27

During orthodontic consultations for adults a lot of patients ask if there is any harm when getting braces as an adult and if there are any side effects after the treatment. So is there any harm? What should adults expect before getting their braces fitted?


Is there any harm for adults getting orthodontic treatment?

Generally speaking there is no harm in orthodontic treatment, however there may be some pain and discomfort during the treatment. The following are the most common problems that arise:


1. Tooth Pain: Throughout orthodontic treatment pressure will need to be applied to the teeth to create movement and there will be some pain.


2. Loose Teeth: When the teeth start to move the alveolar bone will also adjust so to a certain extent the teeth may feel loose but they will return to normal.


3. Enamel Demineralization: Enamel demineralization is linked to fixed orthodontic appliances. Demineralization varies from no perceptible change to white spots on the enamel, which is the first clinical sign of enamel demineralization.


Benefits of orthodontic treatment outweigh the cons

Despite the problems mentioned above there are many benefits of orthodontic treatment which are:


1. Orthodontic treatment can correct teeth alignment and once complete it can give patients can have a wonderful smile.


2. Healthier teeth and gums are possible since straight teeth eliminate the hard-to-reach places in your mouth that are tough to brush and floss.


3. Alignment of your jaws and bite improving your ability to chew and function properly.