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Covering Interproximal Cavities With Veneers is Possible?

Published on:2019-12-30

Can front tooth cavities be covered directly with veneers? Why is it even with regular brushing that cavities still develop between gaps in teeth? These types of cavities are known as interproximal cavities. A lot of patients ask if it’s possible to cover a interproximal cavity with a veneer?


What is a interproximal cavity?

Using a veneer to cover an interproximal cavity is not an option, veneers are used as a form of cosmetic tooth restoration and will not treat a cavity.  


To treat a cavity the decayed area has to be removed if not the cavity will get worse and possibly develop into pulpitis, periapical periodontitis and if left untreated if can result in the loss of the tooth. If a veneer were to be used to directly cover the cavity this means the cavity has not been treated and is just covered up so it’s not option.


For rather small interproximal cavities composite resin can be used to fill the area. However, for more severe cavities there may be the need to root canal treatment and a filling will not be able to sort out the cavity.


For interproximal cavities are located in rather difficult to treat areas and involves removing the decay from between the teeth with affecting the neighboring tooth so it’s much more complex. Therefore, for interproximal cavities choosing a professional dental clinic and dentist to carry out the treatment.


Interproximal cavities cannot be treated with veneers! Interproximal cavities can only be treated with fillings and if left untreated it will only get worse!