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Treatment for a Cracked Tooth

Published on:2020-1-6

If a tooth cracks right down the middle would it be better to get a dental post and crown or should the tooth just be extracted? A tooth can crack due to many factors such as biting overly hard objects, cavities and accidents.


Severity of the Cracked Tooth  

Whether a cracked tooth requires a dental post or a tooth extraction will depend on how severe the cracked tooth is. Therefore, it’s important to get a x-ray taken for diagnostic purposes.


1. How Deep is the Crack

If the crack is not deep and has not reached the pulp then it’s possible to restore the tooth with a filling.


2. The Crack has Reached the Dental Nerve

If the crack is deep and has already damaged the dental pulp and nerves. This is when root canal treatment is required. After root canal treatment whether a dental post is required will depend on the tooth situation or a dental crown will be fitted to the affected tooth.


If the tooth root is still in good condition then a dental crown will be placed directly onto the tooth. There are different materials for dental crowns such as metals, precious metal and all porcelain crowns. Which type of dental crown you choose will depend on the situation of your tooth and costs.


If a tooth root is too short then a dental crown cannot be placed. This is when a dental post is required to support the dental crown. Dental posts come in a range of materials which are ceramic, metal and fiber.  


3. Tooth Root has Cracked

If the crack has already reached the root of the tooth and after a x-ray it has been diagnosed that it’s hard to preserve then the tooth will be extracted. After the tooth has been extracted there is a choice between removable denture, fixed denture or a dental implant.