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Veneers can Cover Black Stains Between Teeth

Published on:2020-1-14

Can composite veneers be used to cover black stains between teeth? A lot of people are self-conscious about black stains between teeth and often ask if veneers are the best option to treat this problem. However, the only way to find the best form of treatment is to know the cause of these black stains.


Finding out the cause of the black stains!



For those who over consume sugars this will cause acid to develop and will lead to the demineralization of the enamel and slowly black stops and cavities will appear. A oral examination is required and if the cavity is rather small then a filling can be used. For more severe cases where the cavity has already damaged the pulp tissues then root canal treatment is required.   


Staining & Discoloration

In the long-term if oral hygiene is not up to scratch this will result in plaque build-up and staining. In the long-term this can lead to black stains between teeth. A dental cleaning will need to be carried out and then cold light whitening may need to be done for stains that have not been removed through dental cleaning.  


Infected Pulp Tissues

When cavities are severe this can damage the pulp tissues and results in teeth having a black appearance. In this case a x-ray would need to be taken and then root canal treatment will be carried out and then a dental crown will be placed.


Teeth Development Problems

Problems during the development of the tooth can result in the tooth having a black appearance. For example tetracycline staining and fluorosis. In cases where tetracycline staining and fluorosis is severe then the only options are dental crowns and veneers.