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Can Tooth Restorations Last a Lifetime

Published on:2020-1-15

After restoring a broken tooth can it last a lifetime? Require tooth restoration but don’t know which type of restoration is best? Let’s take a look at the options available.


Restoring a Broken Tooth

Restoring a broken is not as simple as it looks and will depend on the degree of damage on the tooth:


1. If the there is only a slight chip or less than half the tooth is damaged then the dentist would need to do a oral examination to check that the pulp isn’t exposed and then fill the tooth. Materials for filling the tooth include composite and glass ionomer.


2. If the damaged area is rather big but the pulp is not exposed then a normal filling will not be able to restore the area and this is where veneers would be needed to restore the tooth. Veneers are thin shells of material which are used to cover the natural tooth.


3. For damaged teeth where the pulp and nerves are exposed then root canal treatment is needed to remove the pulp tissues then it can be filled. Also a dental crown will need to be fitted to prevent further damage to the tooth in the future.


Can restorations last a lifetime?

How long restorations last will depend on several factors and differs for everyone. How long the restorations can last depend on the following factors:


1. Materials: The choice of material directly affects the life span of restorations as certain materials are much more durable than others.

2. Skills of Dentist: The skills and techniques of a dentist directly affects the overall results of the restoration. Therefore, finding a qualified and experienced dentist is vital.

3. Maintenance: How patients look after their teeth after restoration work is also vital and if eating habits don’t change then the restorations are susceptible to damaged.