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  • Can Tooth Restorations Last a Lifetime

    After restoring a broken tooth can it last a lifetime? Require tooth restoration but don’t know which type of restoration is best? Let’s take a look at the options available. Restoring a Broken Tooth Restoring a broken is not as simple as it looks and will depend on the degree of damage on the tooth:  1. If the there is onl...

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  • Difference Between Dental Inlays & Veneers

    Dental inlays and veneers are both methods of repairing a tooth. But in fact, there are big differences between the two methods, and there are differences in materials, production methods and indications.  Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a treatment plan suitable for you. As one of the methods of tooth repair, a lot of p...

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  • Can a chipped incisor be restored? How much?

    How to restore a chipped incisor? There are various types of restorations, though, only the one selected based on the tooth condition can bring about good outcome.Missing a small part of the incisor is not uncommon. But can it be restored? How? This is what everyone concerns. According to the dentis...

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