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Invested and managed by Hong Kong AKJ International Dental Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen AKJ Stomatological Hospital is the largest professional dental group in Southern China with 18 branches including AKJ Elite Dental Implant Center, AKJ Fu Kang Dental Clinic, AKJ Kang Hui Dntal Clinic, AKJ Ya Jian Dental Clinic, AKJ Heng Ya Dental Clinic, AKJ Wang Qi Clinic, AKJ Li Chuan Dental Clinic, AKJ Heng Jie Dental Clinic, AKJ Heng Mei Dental Clinic etc. distibuted in Luohu, Futian and Nanshan District of Shenzhen. AKJ’s major success comes with the support of a great system, with a total area of 30,000m², more than 200 sets of imported professional diagnosis equipment and dental chairs and 500 medical experts graduated from reputable universities such as Peking University, the University of Hong Kong, West China Union University and Sun Yat-Sen University.High levels of professionalism and willing to strive for a better future, AKJ has served more than 1,000,000 citizens in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau and international visitors.


In November, AKJ Heng Ya Dental Clinic was approved by the Shenzhen Health Bureau to be the Designated National Health Insurance Unit.

In December, AKJ was elected as the 7th Shenzhen Time-honored Brand.


In January, AKJ was elected as the only Famous Dental Trademark in Guangdong Province.

In January, AKJ was awarded as the 2012-2014 Top 10 Excellent Private Medical Institutes of Shenzhen Luohu District.

In March, AKJ was approved by the Health Bureau to upgrade to be the first Specialized Hospital.

In August, AKJ Orthodontics Center was upgraded.


In June, AKJ was chosen as the first clinical practice demonstration unit for dental nurses in China.

In August, AKJ provided free medical services for the teachers and students who attended the large public charity activity “Another Kind of Blue in the World” and donated 10,000 Yuan as beneficent funds to support their study.


In July, AKJ started a wechat public service platform  to enhance customer service interaction which is invested by mobile web and social media development.

In August, AKJ stationed at the working area of Vanke Group to provide high-end private dental service to its staff.

In December, AKJ Dental was rated again as an A Grade Private Medical Institution. The selection was made out of 181 private medical institutions evaluated by the Shenzhen Municipal Health Bureau. AKJ dental medical services and quality control management was proved to be the best in Southern China.

In December, AKJ was chosen to be the notified dental beauty organization of ATV 2013 Miss Asia Pageant Contest“. 25 pageants were educated with good oral hygiene cleaning and smiling.


In January, AKJ first introduced Invisalign, the orthodontics top brand in North America, leading the dental orthodontics technology new fashion.

In September, AKJ successfully held the 6th annual 9.20 Lovely Teeth Day with hundreds of large scale dental clinics.

In December, AKJ was awarded the “A Level Corporation” for its superior service quality and management by Shenzhen Municipal Health Bureau. 


In May, Dr. Diasti, the United States dental giant and the President of Intelligent Solutions Inc. was invited to AKJ Headquarter to attend the cooperation exchange forum with the top executives of the group.

In August,AKJ first introduced dental 3D printing technology. The advanced system was imported from Germany to produce the best quality restoration system.

In September, AKJ Tianhe Dental Clinic was established in Guangzhou Tianhe District which means that AKJ expanded its business out of Shenzhen. During the same period AKJ carry out another “9.20” Lovely Teeth Day, delivering a large-scale public dental education and consultation speech.

On September 30th, AKJ successfully held the 2011 South China Root Canal Treatment and Restoration Forum with up to 200 elite directors and dentists attended.


In January,AKJ constructed Asia’s largest elite dental implant center with a total operating area of 3000m².

In March,an expansion was made to be the largest orthodontic treatment centers in China.

On September 20th,AKJ successfully held the 4th annual 9.20 Lovely Teeth Day in Shenzhen, attracting thousands of participants from Southern China.


In April, AKJ successfully held the 1st International Orthodontics Forum of Southern China.

In June, AKJ successfully held the 1st International Periodontal Forum of Southern China.

In July, AKJ has been chosen as the postgraduate teaching base of Guanghua Stomatology School of Sun Yat-sen University.

In September,AKJ successfully held China’s Elite Oral Health Management Center Press Conference.


On May 10th, AKJ partnership with Stomatological Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University in a technical research and development project.

On May 19th,AKJ cooperated with the United States and South Korea to set up a dental implant center for research and education purpose.The establishment of the Sino-United States and South Korea Dental Implant Technology Cooperation Center has greatly improved its proficiency.

On July 6th, Guangdong Provincial Stomatological Association Chairman Huang Hongzhang and other directors visited AKJ Dental for a complete inspection.

On July 26th, Hengmei Clinic, the 10th AKJ dental clinic was established.

On September 20th, AKJ successfully held the 2nd Shenzhen 9.20 Lovely Teeth Day, attracting over a thousand visitors for oral examinations.

In November, AKJ successfully held the 1st International Dental Implant Forum of Southern China.


On September 20th, AKJ Dental Hospital successfully held its first 9.20 Lovely Teeth Day and provided professional dental consultation to thousands of people which received dozens of media attention.


AKJ dental expanded to 6 clinics.


The first clinic of Ai Kang Jian Dental Group-AKJ Fu Kang Clinic was established in Luohu Railway Station Building.