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The “8020 project” delivering well-being to senior home

On September 2nd, 2008, AKJ dental experts went to Luohu District Social Welfare Center.They sponsored dental knowledges and checkups for the elderly. An oral health care pack was also given out to show support in clean dental hygiene.

Facing west,facing children1 yuan health care activities

In 2008, on national dental caring day theme of “oral hygiene promotion facing west, for children”. AKJ Dental sponsored the program ”1 yuandental hygiene” where Shenzhen elementary and middle school students only have to spend 1 yuan to enjoy the full treatment provided by AKJ Dental that includespit and fissure sealant, tooth extraction, dental treatment and a full oral examination.It was effective way to help children understand dental hygiene and reduce unnecessary expense.

“Oral care, care for the whole family” large scale public welfare activities into the community

Over the years AKJ Dental practices give and take.A team of professionalhealth care specialists provides Shenzhen residentswith freeoralexaminations. For years of communityinvolvementwith this upscale activity has help thousands to understand the importance of dental hygiene.

Carry out the “920 Lovely Teeth Day”over 100 dentists, large scale dental clinics

AKJ Dental, Southern China’s most trusted dental brand. Together, with the support of the Guangdong Province Stomatological Association and all levels of managers, directors, executives have held large scale free dental knowledge and oral checkups for the general public. For 4 consecutive years on September 20th, AKJ Dental has received positive feedback from our society.

Oral health care lessons

To help the general publicand develop a good habit of clean oral hygiene. Since April 2009, AKJ Dental is on a mission and launches free seminars at the Shenzhen Book City. AKJ Dental is a leader in guiding the general public with dental cleaning and protection on all levels.

The establishment of "disinfection open day"

In order to helpthe general public tobetter understand theprocessandprofessionalstandardsof oralhealthcare services.AKJ DentalGroup hassetevery last Thursday ofeach monthas thesterilization chamberopeningday.Anyone is welcome for a tour to witnessthe standardized operationof a modernprofessionaloral healthcare system and the process of bacterial disinfections.

Partnership with Shenzhen Evening News and hosts “little reporters” “Protect our teeth, Protect our society”

Since the beginning of 2007, AKJ Dental has partnered up with SZ evening news and other media to carry out a joint development to aid the healthy dental development of young children. Children as young as 7 are taught step by step by our professional medical team the steps for healthy and clean teeth. AKJ Dental believes in proper children development, building a strong foundation is useful for a lifetime.