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AKJ Stomatologial Hospital constantly updates its facilities and equipment with the world's most advanced oral treatment technologies and maintaining industry-leading standard.

AKJ is now equipped with a lineup full ofimported dental equipment, including the United States Adec dental chair, FinlandPlanmeca digital panoramic X-ray machine, Germany hot gutta-percha fillings, Italian sterilization and high pressure vacuum system,an Italian made mobile digital X-ray machine and a Piezosurgery ultrasound osteotome.AKJ also practices painless anesthesia, widely used painkiller for customers to have a painless and comfortable experience.

As the sole owner of SimPlant precision implant technology in Shenzhen, AKJ Dental Implant Restoration Group provided tens of thousands of patients with unprecedented precision, efficient and safe dental implant experience.

Advanced, accurate, minimally invasive surgery, safe and reliable
Dental implant technology is currently the world's bestapproach for teeth replacement with at least 90% success rate.With the new set of equipment in place, there is also a set of strict pre-treatment rules that must be followed to ensure the safety of our patients and doctors.The three-dimensional precise positioning CT scan (DCT) is a software whichallows ourdentistinputs data into the system to scan three-dimensional modeling.In doing so, our dentist can accurately predict the types of implant, the time and cost for the implant. Without the system, it would be difficult to achieve an accurate minimally invasive implant.

1. Accuracy: The use of CT data reconstruction alveolar bone can accurately measure the bone density, height and thickness. In the case of a poor condition alveolar bone, the system can locate the best angle, position, depth and the exact size and design of the artificial tooth.
2. Safety: The three-dimensional perspective feature allows the artificial tooth root to avoid contact with the mandibular nerve or sinus. At the same time, a safety zone around the artificial tooth root is designed, so that the artificial tooth root has sufficient safety margin to ensure the safety of the implant.
3. The best restoration: Through CT and 3D diagnosis system, dental implant dentistdecides the best implant restoration location for the customers missing teeth.A strong support is then formed for the best function and looks of the artificial teeth.


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