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Is There Age Limit of Dental Implant?

Published on:2019-11-11

Dental implant is a false tooth to replace a natural missing tooth through medical method. Generally speaking, there is no age limit to have dental implant. Elderly people are also available to have implant treatment. 

However, people who has chronic disease such as diabetic, hypertension, heart disease and cerebrovascular disease are not suitable to have implant treatment unless the disease is well controlled. Oral diseases such as inflammation and mucosa disease should be treated first. 

With strong metabolism ability and high bone mineral density, young patients are able to recover fast and they have high successful rate to have implant.

Compared with young patients, elderly patients are osteoporotic and have high alveolar resorption. Some elderly people’s alveolar is atrophied due to long-time over denture or dental disease. All these factors bring difficulties for elderly patients to have implant.

However, elderly people are more eager to have implant treatment for they easily lost their teeth. In facts, many of them are suitable to have implant. Dental experts points out that inserting bone to extend the width and depth of alveolar before implant treatment is available for those have comparatively bad alveolar. For those elderly patients who are not in very good condition, implants is also allowed as long as they can bear the tooth extraction pain.