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Precautions Before and After Dental Implant Surgery

Published on:2016-12-28

Dental implant is one of the best ways for dental restoration and it is suitable for most patients of all ages. More importantly, it looks better than traditional dental dentures and it’s stronger, more durable and convenient. However, AKJ dental expert pointed out that the successful implant surgery does not mean once for all and cares after the surgery is very important for the service life of dental implants. Below are the precautions before and after the surgery we need to know.

Before Implant Treatment

a.Decayed tooth and residual root should be extracted. Oral diseases should be cured and oral hygiene is done.

b.Antibiotics should be taken the day before the surgery.

c.Female patients should avoid the monthly period.

After Implant Treatment

First week

a.You can drink or eat some cool food in 1-3 hours after the surgery. Rinse your month after meals is necessary to avoid food residue but do not brushing or frequently rinse your month on the day of the surgery for it may cause bleeding.

b.You can take some antibiotics to prevent local infection.

c.No need to take painkillers for slight pain or discomfort is normally seen after the surgery. If you are sensitive to pain, please get advice from the dentist.

d.Sutures will normally be removed in one week after the surgery and in time 

Second week

a.Remember to rinse your month after meal to prevent infection. Check the implants and the surgical wound time by time. Return to the dentist in time if necessary. 

b.Avoid eating hard or tough food.