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Dental Implant VS Removable Denture

Published on:2018-2-23

      Along with the development of technology, there are a few methods to well deal with tooth loss, including dental implant and removable denture. Many may wonder which one would be better. Though dental implant costs more, most people still have a preference for it which enjoys the following advantages. 


      Dental implant refers to an artificial root, which is put into the alveolar bone of tooth loss. It is very stable and causes no harm to the adjacent teeth. However, removable denture requires to abrade adjacent teeth with a purpose to build a support. It not only damages the natural teeth, but also has a poorer performance in stability than that of dental implant.


      Compared to removable denture whose fixation requires support from the adjacent teeth, dental implant enjoys a mastication as good as that of a natural one. Besides, it’s easier for removable denture to get food trapped and thus cause caries in the adjacent teeth. 

3.Comfort and aesthetics 

      Fabricated in line with principles of ergonomics, dental implant enjoys a better performance in comfort and aesthetics than that of removable denture which needs help of other auxiliary equipment to fix. 

4.Range of application

      Dental implant can be applied in an extensive circumstances, including single tooth loss, several tooth loss and even all tooth loss. Whereas, removable denture will see a narrower range of application, in that its fixation depends on the adjacent teeth. 

5.Service life

      With decent care, dental implant can be used for several decades and even lifetime. As for removable denture, it remains useful for about three to five years generally. In addition, there is a high rate of replacement for removable denture, as it’s easier to fall off. 

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