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How to Whiten Coffee-Stained Teeth

Published on:2018-7-30

    As is known to call, frequently consuming coffee and wine is set to stain teeth. More than that, dark-colored sauces and food staffs will lead to cumulative pigments over teeth as well. Is there any way to solve such extrinsic discoloration?

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, there are dental techniques to get rid of stains and restore tooth color, for sure. It’s suggested to seek a professional dental cleaning first. Ultrasonic cleaning together with sandblasting, serves to not only remove calculus and pigments, but also mitigate symptoms like bleeding and inflammatory gums. In mild discolorations, professional cleaning is enough to fix your problem and bring you a sparkling smile again. 

    In severe cases, however, corresponding dental whitening procedures may well be further sought after the cleaning, based on the severity of your condition. Nowadays, laser bleaching has seen an extensive application. It refers to applying whitening gel over teeth and then exposing them to a laser for a period of time. The invisible interaction between gel and laser is going to effectively whiten teeth. It would be advisable to seek professional evaluation first from a renowned dental hospital and pick the fittest way to whiten your teeth. 

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