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Why You Have Sudden Toothache

Published on:2018-8-1

    Some people may experience sore and weakness of their teeth after consuming icy water or hot foods. Why will that happen? According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, it’s sort of tooth sensitivity which can mostly be seen in dental patients who suffer receding gums or exposing roots. Those with tartar may well confront sensitive teeth right after they seek a professional cleaning to remove it. 

    Such kind of sudden ache is caused by irritations to teeth. Here comes several conditions potentially responsible for the ache.

    1.Dysplasia or abrasion of tooth enamel. If enamel, the hardest protective tier of teeth, is damaged, then the inner part – dentin which contains nerves will be exposed to outside substances. Irritated by cold or hot food staffs, there will be pain. 

    2.Wedge-shape defect caused by bad brushing habit. Those who often brush their teeth vigorously and horizontally may develop a defect around their tooth cervix. On one hand, the defected tooth will hurt when there are cold or hot irritations. On the other hand, it’s also susceptible to fracture. 

    3.Severe caries deep enough to reach dentin or even pulp. As is known, the inner parts — dentin and pulp, connect to nerves and vessels. With irritations there comes pain. If left untreated, the caries will only get worse over time. Hence, seek an examination and have them filled in time if you have tooth cavities, preventing bigger problems down the road. 

    4.Periodontitis. If left untreated, periodontitis will further lead to receding gums, alveolar resorption and root exposure, making the teeth sensible to cold and hot irritations. It’s necessary to seek proper treatment for periodontitis in a timely manner. 

    In most cases, there is merely a sudden fit of sore. So many people don’t consider it a big deal and pay enough attention to that. However, without timely treatment, a small issue will ultimately turn into a big one. When it comes to the dental health, you can never treat it with carelessness. Timely treatment counts a lot. 

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