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Interproximal reduction

Published on:2018-8-16

    Interproximal reduction (IPR), also known as slenderizing, is the practice of mechanically removing enamel from between the teeth to achieve orthodontic ends, such as to correct crowding, or reshape the contact area between neighboring teeth.

    Some may wonder whether or not such technique can be applied for everyone. According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, not everyone is allowed to undergo interproximal reduction, for sure. It depends on the specific dental condition of patients. 

    Generally speaking, indications for IPR procedure are mild to moderate crowding or teeth with poor contour. To an extent it serves to improve the aesthetics of teeth without any extraction. 

    However, IPR are not allowed for those suffering microdontia, gum recession, root exposure, tooth sensitivity or poor oral hygiene. It’s not recommended to remove any enamel of microdontia. As for those with exposed roots and sensitive teeth, the IPR procedure is set to be a large irritation to their teeth. When it comes to poor oral hygiene, it will may well cause bacterial growth and dental caries after going through the treatment.

    Therefore, whether an IPR procedure can be conducted or not can hardly be determined until getting a full picture of patients’ dental condition. First of all, it’s suggested to seek an X-ray examination and consult with your dentist face to face. Based on the exam result, the dentist is supposed to develop a customized treatment plan for you, and you can make up your mind whether to seek IPR or other treatments for obtaining appropriate orthodontic space.  Relevant article: Invisible Orthodontics

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