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Teeth Whitening

Published on:2018-10-27

    Discolored teeth is a problem besetting a large population. Many so-called home remedies like rinsing mouth with vinegar, chewing peanuts or brushing teeth with baking soda, seem to serve little purpose. What can we do to whiten teeth? 

    According to dentists from AKJ Dental Hospital, the healthy and natural color of teeth is actually pale yellow instead of perfect white. So it’s not necessary to pursue perfectly white teeth if there are no other dental issues. 


    As for the following situations, timely treatment will be required. 

    1.Those who don’t well brush their teeth or who often consume dark-colored foods and beverages, may well develop extrinsic discoloration due to the accumulation of dental calculus and stains. Under such circumstances a professional cleaning should be scheduled to restore the natural tooth color. It serves to clean but not whiten your teeth, though your teeth may appear a bit whiter following the procedure. Furthermore, calculus and stains will gradually form again over time after the cleaning. Therefore, good aftercare and regular cleanings should be arranged. 

    2. Intrinsic discoloration such as dental fluorosis or tetracycline pigmentation teeth is set to take a toll on the dental appearance. Based on its severity, such procedures as laser bleaching, dental veneers or crowns can be applied accordingly to whiten teeth.

    3. When it comes to discoloration happening after some kinds of dental work, or that caused by the hypoplasia of teeth. Laser whitening, veneers and crowns can be sought accordingly as well.


    Here comes the brief introduction to the whitening techniques mentioned above. 

    Laser bleaching refers to applying whitening agent on teeth followed by the exposure to low-temperature laser. The agent will undergo a chemical reaction under the laser and help to whiten the teeth. The procedure takes about half an hour to complete and yields a good aesthetic result. Besides, it can also be sought repeatedly. However, good care is required after the procedure. Otherwise, chances are that you will get your teeth discolored again soon. 

    Dental veneers refer to wafer-thin shells designed to bond over teeth and cover the discoloration. There are various materials available today, including resin composite or porcelain. Porcelain veneers has seen a wider application. The result of veneer restoration can last for quite a long period. But it requires abrading a thin layer of tooth enamel in order to hold the veneer in place. 

    Crown restoration refers to abrading a round of enamel and wearing a custom-made crown. Though it performs well in aesthetics, crown restoration is less recommended than the former two techniques, since it has to remove more healthy tooth enamel, which is considered as a potential risk to dental health in the long run. Relevant article: Why Teeth Turn Yellow?

    It would be advisable to visit a dentist for a thorough check-up first and seek the fittest treatment in line with your personal case. Please feel free to contact me if there’s any dental problem. (WeChat ID: aiyuan325180